80 Percent of Mass Shooters Showed No Interest In Video Games According To Research

Media has been trying to blame videos games a lot when it comes to mass shootings which is ridiculous. Trump even had a meeting with video game industry representatives to have a discussion about whether there’s a connection between mass shootings and video games.

However, when it comes to research, it shows that 80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in violent video games. The opposite was actually more true. Crime rates drop when a new violent video game is released.

“It seems like something that should make us safer so it’s a totally understandable reaction,” Markey said. “The problem is just the science, the data, does not back up that they actually have an effect.”


We reached out to Remington but did not hear back. The Entertainment Software Association, which represents the video game industry, said it told the president that “numerous scientific studies” show there is “no connection between video games and violence.” In fact, Markey said his work shows when a new violent game is released, crime actually drops.

It doesn’t really make sense to even target violent video games. There’s plenty of violence when it comes to all kinds of entertainment. There’s a lot of violent movies, tv shows, books, etc… Violent video games have always been an easy target and everyone seems to forget that there are already age restrictions when it comes to gaming.

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