We Will Have a Quantum Computer 5 Years From Now According To Microsoft

When Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella came on board, the investment in quantum computing has increased. Quantum computer is in the development process and is being prototyped. Todd Holmdahl believes that Microsoft has come up with something special and better then what the competition has.

Before you roll your eyes, quantum may be nearer to reality than you think.

“Five years from now, we will have a commercial quantum computer,” says Holmdahl.

A quantum computer hasn’t yet been built, it is in the process of being prototyped.

But Holmdahl, a 24-year Microsoft veteran who previously ran Microsoft’s Xbox group, and Love, who has a PhD in quantum physics from Yale, and who has advised quantum startups and worked as a consultant at McKinsey, both believe Microsoft has come up with something very special.

Microsoft’s “qubit,” the fundamental unit of computation in a quantum computer, is better than the competition, they say.

“We believe we have the most stable qubit of anyone,” Holmdahl tells me.

It has to do with low, low error rates, Love explained. “We are targeting an error rate of 10 to the minus 6, substantially better than the average others are getting, which tends to be around ten to the minus two, or ten to the minus three.”

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