Taiwan Plans to ban single-use plastic straws, plastic bags, disposable utensils entirely by 2030

2030 seems like still a long time away, but at least there’s a date and direction for change.

Here’s the summary of the plans.

  • From 2019: food and beverage stores must stop providing plastic straws for in-store use.
  • From 2020: free plastic straws to be banned from all food and beverage outlets.
  • From 2020: free plastic shopping bags, disposable food containers and disposable utensils to be banned.
  • From 2025: only paid takeaway plastic straws + imposed additional fees.
  • 2030: a blanket ban on all plastic bags, disposable utensils, and disposable beverage cups.

The environmental damage done by plastic is evident.

Plastic packaging – especially the ubiquitous plastic bag – is a significant source of landfill waste and is regularly eaten by numerous marine and land animals, to fatal consequences. Synthetic plastic does not biodegrade. It just sits and accumulates in landfills or pollutes the environment. Plastics have become a municipal waste nightmare, prompting local governments all over the world to implement plastic bag, and increasingly polystyrene (styrofoam), bans. – lifewithoutplastic.com


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